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Winter 2018: Brittany Bishop

Brittany Bishop is a 3rd year graduate student in Professor Holmberg's Lab at UW, where she focuses on making more efficient and non-toxic nano materials for use in solar technology. She is from Newton, Massachusetts and she went to Case Western University, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering.

​Brittany is interested in science policy and communication, and hopes to use her chemical engineering background to help the public better understand science and take part in the scientific community. Brittany hopes that through her work, better policies can be implemented in the future. In an effort to achieve this goal, Brittany has been heavily involved in several relevant organizations/activities at UW. She is an Education Outreach Fellow in the Clean Energy Institute, a Senator in GPSS, and she also served on the planning committee for the WChE Fall Industry Panel in 2017.

Some fun facts about Brittany include her love of comedy television, especially 30 Rock and Tina Fey. She also loves art and photography and tried to bridge art and science whenever possible.

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