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2020 5th Annual Fall Industry Event 

November 10, 2020

Panel Topics and Panelists

Research and Development (R&D): Research and development activities that companies undertake are focused on innovating and introducing new products and services. Chemical engineers in R&D play a significant role in many industries from oil & gas to pharmaceuticals

Elisa_harrison - Hawley Helmbrecht.png

Elisa Harrison, Ph.D.

Research Scientist


Kimberlee Sing - Kimberlee Sing.JPG

Kimberlee Sing, B.S.

Senior Research Associate

Bristol Myers Squibb

MonicaEsopi_headshot - Monica Esopi.JPG

Monica Esopi, Ph.D.

Sr Engineer of Tech. & Dev.


Environmental Engineering: Chemical engineers in this role work to develop solutions to environmental problems which can include improving recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control. These individuals also study the effect of technological advances on the environment, addressing local and worldwide environmental issues

gervais - Gregory Gervais.jpg

Greg Gervais, B.S.

Acting Deputy Director

Environmental Protection Agency

EmilyJones - Emily Jones.jpg

Emily Jones, M.S.

Environmental Engineering

Floyd Snider

headshot - Sarah_Vorpahl.jpg

Sarah Vorpahl, Ph.D.

Senior Energy Policy Specialist WA Department of Commerce

Jacob_Headshot - Jacob Wolf.jpg

Corporate Role: Many chemical engineers become well-versed in legal skills related to patents, intellectual property and policy, or business skills such as finance, human resources, accounting, project management, and quality control, and can take on these roles within their industry or organization.

Karen Fleckner Photo - Karen
Marcia Kelbon Headshot 2020 - Marcia Kel
Tina Cropped - Tina T.jpg

Karen Fleckner, B.S.


Artesion/Nu Element

Marcia Kelbon, J.D.

Legal Consultant

Omeros Corporation

Tina Tosukhowong, Ph.D.

Sr Director Corporate

Venture Capital

GC International Corp.

Jacob Wolf, Ph.D.

Director of Finance

Caffe Lusso Coffee Roasters

Project Management: Chemical engineers frequently serve in project management roles in many industries, where they oversee a team of people to guide initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing of a project. Project managers are responsible for making sure projects are completed within time and on budget, with high quality.

Soto_Kristan_061218-2 - Kristan Soto.jpg

Kristan Soto, B.S.

Env. Health & Safety Director


Beth Weed_Gore - Beth Weed.png

Beth Weed, M.Eng

Process / Application Engineer

W.L Gore and Associates

Diane Williams-Servant - D WS.jpg

Diane Williams-Servant, B.S.

Project Manager

Central Garden & Pet

Env Eng
Workshop Topics
  • Identifying mentors and community/building networks: with topic areas on informal and formal mentorship, defining mentoring relationships, finding mentors within your professional community, finding
    mentors in an area that is a growth opportunity

  • Social justice in an industry setting: with topic areas on how to approach your company about social and racial
    justice issues, having difficult conversations in the workplace, and equity vs. equality

  • Financial planning: with topic areas including how to create a realistic budget and savings plan, assess your current financial health, develop a plan to achieve financial independence/retirement, quickly calculate the real cost of financing a large purchase

Thank you to our sponsors!

Jade Hudson

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