2022 6th Annual Industry Event 

November 10, 2022

Location: UW MolES/NanoES Building, in-person

Time: 5:00pm - 8:30pm

Registration: [Link to be provided Oct 1]

Registration cost: FREE

Target Audience: All current UW chemical engineering undergraduate and graduate (MS and PhD) students, and prospective students to chemical engineering at UW 

Interested in sponsoring the event? Please email Event Coordinate Elizabeth Nance (eanance@uw.edu) to see our sponsorship package

Event Schedule

Start Time        Activity                                          Location

4:30pm             Registration and Check-in                   NanoES Commons

5:00pm             Keynote Speaker                                  NanoES 181

5:45pm             Break & Snacks

6:00pm             Panel Session 1

                                    Panel 1                                         MolES 215

                                    Panel 2                                         MolES 291

                                    Panel 3                                         MolES 315

                                    Panel 4                                         MolES 391

6:45pm             Light Dinner Service                              NanoES Commons

7:30pm             Panel Session 2

                                    Panel 1                                         MolES 215

                                    Panel 2                                         MolES 291

                                    Panel 3                                         MolES 315

                                    Panel 4                                         MolES 391

8:15pm              Community & Networking Hour         NanoES Commons

Panel Topics 
Stay tuned to see our panelists for each panel!

Panel 1: Transferring skills from your degree to your first job

There are many transferable skills you learn in your core courses, lab courses, capstones, thesis work, team work, and elsewhere during your degree. How can you transfer these skills to your first professional job setting? Come learn from industry experts how to make the most of what you’ve learned and apply those skills to be successful as you start your job.

Panel 2: Making your job work for you

Starting in a new job or transitioning to a new position in your career can be challenging, and learning to set expectations appropriately ,contribute to inclusive work spaces, and set boundaries to create a healthy working environment can increase overall job satisfaction. But it’s not easy! Learn from our alumni on what they have found has worked, or not worked, in creating healthy expectations and boundaries in their industry positions, and how you might implement these early in your career. 

Panel 3: Integrating technical expertise with leadership development

As one advances in their career as a ChemE, it is not uncommon to move into leadership, often away from the technical expertise you spent your time building in your training/early career. Additionally, many individuals who are underrepresented or marginalized in fields get pushed towards roles that do not leverage their technical expertise. In this panel discussion, our panelists will tackle the ins and outs of navigating promotions and career progressions while maintaining recognition for individual technical expertise and technical skills. 

Panel 4: The modern ChemE

The field of chemical engineering and the role of chemical engineers continues to evolve. The separation between chemical engineering fields and other disciplines continues to blur as well, and there are more opportunities now than ever before for chemical engineers to go and do anything in industry. Hear from our panelists who are at the forefront of the evolution of the chemical engineering industry!

Thank you to our sponsors!