WChE Officers

Current Officers

Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor

Elizabeth Nance (she/her/hers)   Professor

Assists the organization with ideas and planning as necessary, such as setting up outreach activities, contacting speakers from outside the university, and facilitating discussions at group events


Katie Pflipsen (she/her/hers)

 BS '21

​Facilitates and runs officer and general meetings; organizes general meeting workshops; assists in event planning; generally leads the organization

Vice President

Nida Janulaitis (she/her/hers)

 Grad Student

Assists the organization with ideas and planning as necessary, such as setting up outreach activities, contacting speakers from outside the university, and facilitating discussions at group events


Jenny Bennett (she/her/hers)

Grad Student

Keeps records of meetings and make them publicly available; maintains student group registration; moderates the group mailing lists; coordinates member spotlights; communicates with group members, primarily through the distribution of the newsletter every other week


Olivia Rabin (she/her/hers)

BS '21

​Manages club budget/expenditures and purchase necessary materials for events and regular activities; acquires funding through coordinating fundraisers, applying to grants, procuring corporate sponsorships; participates in planning events requiring funding or are fundraising-related

Media Director

Erica Eggleton (she/her/hers)

 Grad Student

Designs and distributes digital/hard copy flyers to members and alumni; updates the group's website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn group with information about events held by WChE and affiliated groups; coordinate with department media efforts

Community Director

Jimmy Ye (he/him/his)

BS '21

​Organizes and maintains peer mentoring groups through the CheMentoring program; coordinates CheMentoring events, and generates feedback and evaluation of peer mentoring benefits and outcomes

Professional Development Director

Cole Wilkinson (he/him/his)

 BS '21

Organizes and executes the annual Industry Panel event and supports/collaborates on professional development events with other student organizations in the department and across the university

Outreach Co-Director

Linnette Teo (she/her/hers)

Grad Student

Outreach Co-Director

Margarita Salas (she/her/hers)

BS '21

Plan quarterly outreach demonstrations and activities primarily led by WChE; coordinate acquisition of supplies, and serve as a contact person for outreach events for UW and non-UW based organizations, as well as for WChE members who are initiating outreach events

Past Officers


Faculty Advisor | Elizabeth Nance - Professor

President | Victoria Dahl - BS '20
Vice President | Hawley Helmbrecht - Grad Student
Secretary |Mengying Zhang - Grad Student
Treasurer | Cole Wilkinson - BS '21
Media Director | Brittany Bishop - Grad Student
Outreach Director | Evan Epstein - BS '20
Community Director | Julie Lee - BS '21

Professional Development Director | Stephanie Ford- BS '20

2018 - 2019

Faculty Advisor | Elizabeth Nance - Professor
President | Redeen Duran - BS '19
Vice President | Andrea Joseph - Grad Student
Secretary | Kari Severeid - BS ' 19
Treasurer | Rick Liao - Grad Student
Media Director | Andrey Antonchik - BS '19
Outreach Director | Deana Crouser - BS '19
Community Director | Julia King - Grad Student

Professional Development Director | Briana Stokes - BS '20

2017 - 2018

Faculty Advisor | Elizabeth Nance - Professor
President | Amanda Levenson - BS '18
Vice President | Caitlyn Wolf - Grad Student
Secretary | Monica Esopi - Grad Student
Treasurer | Brett Bower - BS '18
Media Director | Amy Gallagher - BS '18
Outreach Director | Gabriella Tosado - Grad Student
Community Director | Andrea Johnson - Grad Student

2016 - 2017

Faculty Advisor | Elizabeth Nance - Professor
President | Katherine Shultz - BS '17
Vice President | Emily Ruskowitz - Grad Student
Secretary | Monica Esopi - Grad Student
Treasurer | Amanda Levenson - BS '18
Webmaster | Paisley Zelaya - BS '17
Graduate Outreach Coordinator | Elena Pandres - Grad Student
Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator | Binh Dang - BS '17
CheMentoring Circles (CMC) Director | Angela Kimber - BS '17


Educate, empower, and advocate for women in chemical engineering

Email: wche@uw.edu

Phone: 206-543-2216

Registered Student Organization

Women in Chemical Engineering and The University of Washington acknowledge the Coast Salish peoples of this land, the land which touches the shared waters of all tribes and bands within the Suquamish, Tulalip and Muckleshoot nations. We acknowledge the people – past, present, and future – of the Dkhw’Duw’Absh, the Duwamish Tribe, the Muckleshoot Tribe, and other tribes on whose traditional lands we teach, learn, study and work​


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