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Dr. Natalie Nairn, Senior Director at Blaze Bioscience

Natalie Winblade Nairn has almost 20 years of experience developing therapeutic protein and peptide drug delivery approaches in the Seattle biotechnology industry. Her work has included design of bioconjugates and targeted therapies, process development for GMP manufacturing, intellectual property evaluation and protection, and managing research groups and corporate partnerships. She is interested in strategic program development from conception to clinic.

Dr. Nairn earned her B.S.Ch.E. from the UW Chemical Engineering Department. She then earned a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from California Institute of Technology. She performed her graduate work with Professor Jeffrey Hubbell and as a visiting scholar at UW with Professor Allan Hoffman. Dr. Nairn gained experience in many aspects of drug development at Corixa and Allozyne, with modalities including PEGylated proteins, antibody-drug conjugates, protein bispecifics, and microspheres.

In her current position as Sr. Director, Formulation and Peptide Drug Discovery at Blaze Bioscience, Dr. Nairn has developed a room temperature stable formulation of a peptide-fluorophore conjugate intended for visualizing cancerous tissue during tumor resection surgery. She is also the Blaze liaison with Professor Jim Olson’s Optide peptide discovery program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She is now spearheading a therapeutic pipeline at Blaze, including developing strategic plans, recruiting investors and staff, and leading research programs.

Dr. Nairn also enjoys family life with her husband and two children, as well as skiing, gymnastics, and other non-age-appropriate sports.

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