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CMC Mid-Summer BBQ

On July 20, 2016, WChE hosted its first-ever Mid-Summer BBQ! We had a classic cookout and gathered to eat, socialize, and participate in a fun team-building activity. Aside from having fun and drinking beer, our goal was to spread the word about our CheMentoring Circles (CMC). We had an attendance of 51 people who checked in, and approximately 35 of them participated in the CMC activity. Everyone was split into groups of 4-5 people; the goal was to create a pyramid of 10 cups using a rubber band with 5 strings tied to it and without touching the cups with their hands. This was a fun little ice-breaker that led to more conversations and socializing! Thank you to our members who volunteered, and to all the officers who came together to make this event happen! And special thanks to Elizabeth Nance and Jim Pfaendtner for bringing their pulled pork from home to share with everyone!

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