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​A Successful Women’s Networking Session!

WChE hosted a women’s networking session during the prospective student visit weekend, where students who have been accepted into the Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program had a chance to visit and explore UW. This particular event offered a time for prospective students to ask questions and discuss issues of women in science and engineering with female faculty and current graduate students. We were fortunate to have outstanding faculty members join us for this discussion, such as:Elizabeth Nance (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering; Adjunct Radiology)Mary Lidstrom (Professor of Chemical Engineering; Professor of Microbiology; UW Vice Provost for Research)Eve Riskin (Professor of Electrical Engineering; Associate Dean of Diversity and Access; Director of the ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change)Students asked questions ranging from how work culture has progressed in academia and industry over the last couple decades to methods to help advocate for yourself in negotiation processes. The professors shared their experiences and career trajectories as well as their thoughts on how work culture has improved, where it still has room for improvement, and what we can personally do to make an impact. Feedback from visiting students:

“I was highly impressed by Seattle and everyone I met at U of Washington! The ChemE department would be a great place to grow and the women’s network is already really impressive.”

“I wanted to thank you and the rest of the UW ChemE department for an incredible weekend! The Women’s session had a lot of take home advice and was really great to hear from the faculty about their experiences!”

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