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The WChE Meme Competition!

WChE is proud to present our very first weekly, monthly and quarterly meme competition! The links for submitting your memes and cast your votes are below:

Submit your memes and cast your votes here


The WCHe Meme Competition is designed to promote creativity, humor, and camaraderie among the members of the Women in Chemical Engineering organization. The competition is open to all members and consists of weekly, monthly, and yearly rounds.

Competition Rounds:
1. Weekly Rounds:

  • Submissions: Members can submit memes on a weekly basis via the designated submission platform (e.g., email, social media, or a dedicated meme submission channel).

  • Theme: A specific theme or topic may be provided for each week, or participants can create memes related to chemical engineering or women in STEM.

  • Voting: WCHe officers will review and vote on the memes to select a weekly winner.    

2. Monthly Rounds:

  • Eligibility: Only the weekly winners from each month are eligible for the monthly round.

  • Voting: All WCHe members can vote for their favorite meme among the monthly winners at the organization's monthly meetings.

  • Prizes: The monthly winner will receive a $5 gift card and a free WCHe T-shirt.

3. Yearly Round:

  • Eligibility: Only the monthly winners from each academic year are eligible for the yearly round.

  • Voting: All Chemical Engineering students in the college can participate in voting for the yearly winner.

  • Grand Prize: The yearly winner will receive a $25 gift card as the grand prize in addition to the monthly prizes.

General Rules:

  • Originality: Memes should be original creations, and participants should avoid using copyrighted material without permission.

  • Respect and Inclusivity: Memes should be respectful, inclusive, and free from offensive content. Avoid memes that may be harmful or inappropriate.

  • Submission Deadline: Memes should be submitted by a specified deadline to be eligible for that week's competition.

  • Judging Criteria: The memes will be judged based on humor, creativity, relevance to the theme (if provided), and overall quality.

  • Multiple Submissions: Participants can submit multiple memes for consideration, but they can only win once in a given round.

  • Prizes: The prizes for the competition include Starbucks gift cards and WCHe T-shirts for the weekly and monthly winners.


  • Memes that violate the general rules or contain offensive content may be disqualified at the discretion of the WCHe officers.

  • By participating in the WCHe Meme Competition, members agree to follow these rules and guidelines. The competition aims to be a fun and engaging way to celebrate creativity and humor within the Women in Chemical Engineering community.

  • Feel free to adjust the prize values or types to fit your organization's budget and preferences.

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